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About Us

Large Scale Super Charging Infrastructure 

EV Edison is a developer and a provider of high-power electric vehicle charging solutions 

Heavy-duty electric vehicle charging in a parking lot. Large commercial truck with battery pack, plugged in to charger.

What We Do

  • High-Power Overnight EV Parking and Charging Facilities


  • Rapid, On Site Mobile Charging Solutions


  • Integrated EV Charging with Mobile Batteries


  • Equipment Sales, Installation and Service


  • Vertical Parking Chargers


  • Comprehensive Planning and EV Charging Consultation

The EV Edison team consists of electric power sector veterans and energy storage experts. The team has a strong track record of product development and large-scale deployments with domestic and international electric utilities. 

Meet The Team

Headshot for Dr Shahib Kuran.

Founder & Executive Chairman

Yazan Harasis

Co-Founder and Director of Engineering

Headshot for Kevin Drolet. White man, dark hair and beard, plaid dress shirt. Brick wall in background.

Fractional CMO

Headshot for Husam Kuran. Middle Eastern man, shorthair, goatee, plaid button up shirt

Lead Engineer

Headshot for David M Daly. Clean-shaven man with shorter red hair, suit and tie.


Headshot for Robert O. Gurman. White man, clean shaven, mid length hair, suit and tie. Bookshelf in background

Managing Director - Finance & Development

Headshot for Richard Wernsing Sr. White man, short dark hair, clean-shaven, suit and tie.

Senior Technical Director

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