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Mobile Charging Hubs

Utilize Mobile Charging Solutions for Temporary Infrastructure Needs

Mobile, Large-Scale Charging

Utilizing Power Edison's mobile energy storage technology, EV Edison's mobile charging hubs provide critical temporary infrastructure for fleets on the move and those awaiting permanent infrastructure.

Parking lot. A mix of electric cars and white shipping containers on truck trailers. Shipping containers have charging cables going to cars. One container says "EV Edison"

Tackling Infrastructure & Hook-Up Delays

You want to to build an EV fleet today, but installing permanent chargers and getting utility hookups can take months or sometimes years. That's where we come in. EV Edison's mobile charging hubs provide temporary charging infrastructure to charge your fleet until your permanent chargers are installed and connected to the grid.

Charge by Truck or Barge

Power Edison operates the TerraCharge™ trailer-based and AquaCharge™ barge-based Energy Storage Systems. These large battery arrays shuttle electrons to water-side and inland EV charging hubs, while trailer-based chargers can juice up EV fleets on the go.

Freight trucks carrying shipping containers that have electric vehicle charging stations built in. One truck labeled "EV Edison" and another labeled "power Edison." A barge full of battery-pack shipping containers in the background

Charging For…

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Fleets Awaiting Permanent Chargers or Maintenance on Existing Hubs

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Fleets On-The-Move & Away From Usual Charging Hubs

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Drayer Trucks, Urban Delivery Fleets, Taxis/Limos, & All Other EV Types

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… And More

EV Edison and Power Edison are an unstoppable team for providing mobile fleet charging services. We will smooth out your EV operations and facilitate your transition to EV fleets. Contact our team of experts today to harness the power of mobile fleet charging hubs.

Trailer truck with four EV chargers built-in. Decal on the back says "power Edison."
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